Yushan Spirito | 玉山精神, 2017 by Dolores Furtado

Steel mesh

Yushan Spirito is inspired by the look of Yushan (Mountain Jade) in Taiwan. It is the highest mountain in Taiwan. Furtado transformed her observation of the solid form and changing shadow of Yushan to be the tall and flexible mesh sculpture.
Furtado’s work is based on her interest in matter, which she exposes in a raw, naked way: matter becomes body. She works largely with formlessness.
In a wide range of formats and sizes, her work highlights process, through tactile marks, scratches, and object-based prints.
The mass originates from basic shapes such as cubes, cylinders or hemispheres, roughly manipulated, so that their angles and edges disappear. The initial geometry is lost in an organic deformity.
Her sculptures suggest the idea of the body from flesh, and its precarious solidity.