Floating Taiwan | 仰望, 2017 by Wenfu Yu 游文富

Aluminum, spray painted

Yu applies his bamboo weaving technique in Floating Taiwan. Instead of bamboo, he uses aluminum tubes as material. Yu not only wants to experiment on different material. It's also his attempt to connect this work to Thomas Chen, the person who commissions the work. (Thomas Chen is the founder of Crystal Window and Door Systems, where aluminum and vinyl are the major materials to manufacture windows and doors.) When seen from under, the installation illustrate the outline of the shape of Taiwan.

WenFu Yu was born in Yunlin, Taiwan. He moved to Zhushan in Nantou, Taiwan with his parents when he was a child. As his family was in the bamboo craft business, he had been immersed in traditional handcrafts since a young age. After he enrolled in the army, he also became strongly interested in painting, calligraphy, and seal carving. In the past 15 years, Yu has been creatively employing natural materials, mainly feather and bamboo, to create different types of works with a distinctive personal style, including two dimensional and three-dimensional work, spatial installation, environmental art, and land art.