Crystal Park Open Call for proposal 

Artwork on the rocks along the trail - A creative look for the rock trail


The rock trail starts from the Crystal Park gate and is about 0.6 mile with rocks placed along the two sides of the trail.

  • Artists are invited to propose artwork to be placed on/with the rocks as long as the artwork doesn’t obstruct the trail nor cause any safety concern.

  • Please consider the nature outdoor setting. Materials that can withstand the weather and be integrated with the environment are preferred.

  • Selected artist will have access to woodshop and metal shop to fabricate the work if needed. (Fabrication facility location: Flushing, Queens, NY)

  • Crystal Park will provide assistance for the artist to install the work.

  • Artist fee: $5,000


Please submit the following documents:

  • Drawings or/and rendering images/videos of the proposed artwork

  • Project statement

  • Detailed description of the artwork

  • Artist bio and resume

  • Artwork sample images (Maximum 20 images in jpeg, each under 5MB)

  • Estimated budget

Deadline extended:

Email the submission to

by March 31 2019


Images and videos of the rock trail:


If there is any question, feel free to email: