Crystal Park is a unique private nature retreat and art park in the Mid-Hudson Valley, New York. The 200-acre scenic landscape of woodlands, rocky hills, mountains and lake provides an environment for the display of a permanent site-specific art collection along with the creation of new pieces.

Education, outdoor leisure, sharing with the community, and promoting Taiwanese art and culture are lifelong passions of Thomas Chen, the founder and CEO of Crystal Window & Door Systems. With Crystal Park, Thomas has found a unique way to blend all of these virtues. Through observations and conversations with his diligent, mostly immigrant employees, he found that they, along with many people these days, spent nearly all their work and leisure time in the city, with much less time enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. As an immigrant from Taiwan’s mountainous countryside with a strong personal love of nature, Thomas wants to share with his employees, business associates, family and friends a private natural place, not too far from New York City, where they could slow down the pace of life, be refreshed, and experience inspiring art along with New York State’s extraordinary outdoors.

Thomas searched for a location that could meet this goal, and in 2010 he purchased a scenic 200-acre property in Pawling, NY. Here he melded his love of nature and his love of art into Crystal Park, a private art park and a retreat for colleagues, clients, family and friends, and invited guests. Many Crystal employees have helped in the development and establishment of trails and facilities throughout the park. Future plans include gardens, farming areas, artist studio spaces and an art museum.

Crystal Park invites Taiwanese and international artists to create outdoor sculptures and installations in the park. Besides, Crystal Park welcomes proposals of artworks that relate to windows and doors, which will allow visitors to consider and appreciate such common objects from new and different perspectives.